Register with the WSIB online.

Please select your Primary Business Activity

  • Construction

    Do you run a construction business?

    Examples of a construction business include: home building, carpentry, plumbing and electrical, to name a few.


  • Restaurants

    Do you run a food service or drinking establishment?

    Examples of this type of business include: restaurant, café, tavern, bar, nightclub, cafeteria, banquet hall, hot dog cart, chip truck, takeout food, and catering service.


  • Domestic Services

    Are you a private householder hiring a domestic worker, such as a:

    babysitter, nanny, nursemaid, bodyguard, butler, chauffeur, cleaning person, companion, cook, gardener, handy person, housekeeper, or maid.


  • Other

    Do you run another type of business that is not listed here?


Do you need a clearance certificate?

A clearance is a certificate that the WSIB provides at no charge, which proves that a business/contractor is registered with the WSIB and that their account is in good standing. Most newly registered employers requiring a clearance certificate at the time of registration will need to make an initial advance payment of $250. This payment is applied to your WSIB account as a credit and will be applied towards your future premiums. See more information about clearances.